About us

Company Overview

HotStocked.com is owned and operated by Stara Zagora Kompani OOD, a privately owned Bulgarian corporation.  Our company has been in business since 2007.  We employ 15 people at our offices Located in Plovdiv, and Sofia Bulgaria.

We publish news, research, message boards, and an e-mail database.  Our website is primarily related to the micro-cap markets in the United States and Canada.  Our mission is to become the leading source of information on the internet for the North American microcap market.  Below please find a complete overview of the principles and practices that govern our business.

  • Research Reports

On our website, we publish research reports on thousands of microcap companies.  Our research is based on a predefined set of criteria.  In order to be more transparent, to both the investment community and the companies that we cover, we have decided to publish our research criteria.  You may view our criteria by clicking on this link.

We will give a positive rating to any company that satisfies all of our criteria, a negative rating to any company that does not, and middle ratings to those in between.  Our criteria is very strict and only companies with immaculate balance sheets, increasing sales, increasing earnings, and strong chart patterns will ever receive a positive rating in our research reports.  We do not accept compensation for publishing research reports.

  •  News Articles

We have a staff of financial reporters that write news articles each day on the microcap markets.  Our staff is trained in hard news reporting.  As journalists we try to be naturally skeptical so often our articles will include whatever negative information we found.  This is not because we have anything against the companies we cover, we simply report what our fact finding brings us.  

If you are an executive at a company that we have wrote an article on, and find the article to contain a misfact, please contact us through our contact form, and we will work with you to correct it.  We do not accept compensation for publishing articles in our news section.

  • Message Boards, and Comments

Our site has multiple places that allow users to discuss companies, and comment on articles.  Users may post comments anonymously without registering.  We do not have a system in place that reviews user generated content on our message boards before it is published on the site.  While most users engage in constructive discussion, sometimes there are users that try to abuse the system and post comments that do not meet up to our expectations.

If someone has posted an objectionable comment on our message board that you would like to have removed.  Please use our contact form to send us a concise e-mail include the exact URL of the comment(s).  The exact text of the comment that is under question.  And a concise explanation of why you feel it should be removed.  We will promptly review all requests and remove any content that is in violation of our terms of service.

  • Newsletter Database Section

From our research in the micro-cap market, we found that free penny stock newsletters are a force too strong to be ignored.  So in late 2010 we began to aggregate data from every free penny stock newsletter we could find.  Our database includes information on all of the e-mails we received, the compensation for those e-mails, the third parties paying for the campaigns, data on the promoters, how much liquidity campaigns generated, share price movement and more.  

In our section of the website newsletter.hotstocked.com, we republish all of the newsletters we receive and allow users to sort and view them by company symbol, by promoter, by the paying third party or by day.  We publish this as a resource  to help our readers evaluate the effects of past, present and future promotional activities.

  • Hotstocked Newsletter

From July 2010 to June 2011, we published a free newsletter as a special adverising section where we allowed companies to pay to be featured in our newsletter.  We established an internal "chinese wall" between research and paid placements.  This payment in no way effected our research, articles or other information we published on our site.  In each e-mail was a full disclosure of compensation.  For a complete list of all the companies that had compensated us in the past please visit our compensation disclosure page.  Going forward, we intend to start publishing a paid newsletter starting in the summer of 2011.

  • Investment Activity

Neither Hotstocked, or it's officers, employees, affiliates, or any related party to the company are involved in the trading of micro-cap stocks.  The industry fascinates us, but it is not where we make our investments.  In 2007, and early 2008, through a relationship with an affiliate, we did receive some compensation in the form of restricted 144 shares.  For a complete list of the companies that compensated us with restricted shares, please visit our compensation disclosure page.  We have never accepted free trading shares or shorted a stock featured in our publications.