Alternative Energy Stocks

PC Mall, Inc. (NASDAQ:MALL) Hits New Low Price Level July 7, 2010

PC Mall, Inc. (NASDAQ:MALL) reached a new low price level over the last weeks. Since 25 June this year the company has been trading bellow its yearly average and presently the price continues to move down. read more

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:PPHM) Keeps Rushing Down July 7, 2010

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:PPHM) has been falling down progressively these days. Last month, the company used to trade at over $3.00 per share, while presently the price is only $1.89. read more

Great Wolf Resorts, Inc. (NASDAQ:WOLF) Continues The Low Trade July 7, 2010

Yesterday, Great Wolf Resorts, Inc. (NASDAQ:WOLF) traded bellow its yearly average again. It looks like something is happening with WOLF stock, which has caused the downtrend. read more

Affymax, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFFY) Slips Down Persistently July 5, 2010

Affymax, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFFY) has been moving down progressively these days, as the market must have noticed the overvaluation. Recently, the company hit another 52-week low, though its traded volume remained over 1 million shares. read more

China Electric Motor, Inc. (NYSE:CELM) Keeps Being Promoted July 5, 2010

China Electric Motor, Inc. (NYSE:CELM) keeps moving up on promotions. The company was promoted a week ago to reach a phenomenal volume, though its stock price went down. read more

Yongye International, Inc. (NASDAQ:YONG) Starts Climbing Up July 2, 2010

Yongye International, Inc. (NASDAQ:YONG) started moving up on the market. After the stock fell over 14% to $5.90, all of a sudden it pointed a positive price change of 7.98%. read more

Heavy Buying Drives Asta Funding, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASFI) Further Up July 1, 2010

Asta Funding, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASFI) has been trading quite successfully recently. During the last month, the stock has gained approximately 6% on the market, and yesterday it made a new 52-week high. read more

Entropic Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENTR) Banks Huge Gains On A Press Release June 29, 2010

Entropic Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENTR) has been banking huge gains recently. During the last 10 days, its traded volume totaled phenomenal values and exceeded 3 million shares. read more

Capstone Turbine Corporation (NASDAQ:CPST) Makes Significant Volume Jump June 28, 2010

Capstone Turbine Corporation (NASDAQ:CPST) reached a phenomenal volume on Friday. read more

FuelCell Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:FCEL) Falls Below The Yearly Average June 25, 2010

The investors of FuelCell Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:FCEL) are getting worried about the recent stock price movement. Two days ago, FCEL made another 52-week low at $4.62 per share and presently, nobody can predict the future of the stock. read more

APAC Customer Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:APAC) Sinks Down On A Promotion June 25, 2010

APAC Customer Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:APAC) has been going down these days. Over the last week, the stock price reached $6.50 per share, while currently it is down to $5.55. read more

RAM Energy Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ:RAME) Runs Up and Down June 22, 2010

Over the last week, RAM Energy Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ:RAME) stock has been hastily running up and down. The unstable financial position of the company appears to be a good reason for the observed price movements of the stock. read more

Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:MIPI) Reveals New Research Report June 21, 2010

Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:MIPI) climbed up yesterday on its new oncology research report revealed. read more

STAAR Surgical (NASDAQ:STAA) Breaks Up On Progressing Results June 21, 2010

STAAR Surgical Company (NASDAQ:STAA) reported it was on the preliminary list of additions to the Russell Indexes. read more

Royale Energy, Inc (NASDAQ:ROYL) Announces 58% Improvement June 17, 2010

Royale Energy, Inc (NASDAQ:ROYL) announced 58% improvement in their first quarter results for this year. In 2010, the company released much higher earnings as compared to 2009, and its net loss decreased to $372,515. read more

Cray, Inc (NASDAQ:CRAY) Gets Among The Top 10 Traded Stocks June 17, 2010

Cray, Inc (NASDAQ:CRAY) got among the top 10 NASDAQ traded stocks. As a result, CRAY flew up by 15.5% and became one of the companies with the largest percentage increases on the market. read more

Solar Energy Initiatives, Inc. (OTC:SNRY) Receives Government Grant June 16, 2010

Solar Energy Initiatives, Inc. (OTC:SNRY) hoped for the 22% rally, as the solar company received $704 thousand grant from the federal stimulus package. read more

EasyLink Services International Corp. (NASDAQ:ESIC) Gains $3.3 Million in Opera... June 15, 2010

EasyLink Services International Corp. (NASDAQ:ESIC) reported they were absolutely satisfied with their third quarter 2010 financial results. read more

Trinity Biotech plc (NASDAQ:TRIB) Gets Among The Bulls June 11, 2010

Trinity Biotech plc (NASDAQ:TRIB) made a bullish jump on the market. The company currently trades at $6.31, which is a +5.87% price change for the stock and it is above its 50 and 200-day moving averages. read more

Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. (NASDAQ:HCCI) Reports Pricing Of Its Public Offering June 10, 2010

Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. (NASDAQ:HCCI) reported the pricing of its previously announced public offering of its common stock. read more