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(OTCBB:DIAAF) Pennystock Spam Fraud Alert

by Martinas B. June 1, 2007

logo_diaaf.jpgSpam Fraud alert! There has been a pennystock spam showing up today of a Diamant Film Inc. , a distributor of environmentally friendly products aimed at minimizing pollution, maximizing the quality of life and preserving the environment.

box.gifStefan Gudmundsson of Diamant writes: This is very unfortunate, but we do have nothing to do with this, and we do not know how we can stop it. But we are working on it.”

The stock is quite actively traded and is currently selling for about 1/10 of a penny. As of November 30, 2006, the number of shares of Common Stock outstanding was 910,610,914. this puts a market value on the company of about $1 million which on the surface seems low. However dilution has been out of control at this company for the last few years.

However, given that there auditors have attached going concern to the financial statements. In our opinion investors should not buy this stock.



Lately company’s performance in the share market was very poor as from 2003 share price tumbled from 0.35 cents to 0.0010 priced at present.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission file revealed that this company has unrelated business, whatsoever.

It says that, Diamant Film Inc. owns both an art gallery and a bio degradable plastic shrink wrap. It also states that they have generated $9,803 from the art sales, and $2,364 from their Bio-Plastics.

Given the fact, that company has performed quite poorly with their sales - an art gallery could be the right tool to boost their sales.


According to company’s website Diamant Film Inc. manufactures environmentally products aimed at minimizing pollution, maximizing the quality of life and preserving the environment.

Its goal is to manufacture value-driven products that are recyclable and can be reused.

Key Executives of DIAMANT ART CORP (DIAAF)

Michel Van Herreweghe Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer and Member of Audit Committee
Simon P. Meredith Pres, Chief Operating Officer, Director and Member of Audit Committee
Stephan Gudmundsson  Chief Exec. Officer




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