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Smoky Market Foods (OTCBB:SMKY) Spends to Promote Their Pennystock

by Colorado Stark May 7, 2008
Smoky Market Foods, Inc. (OTCBB:SMKY) is a tiny company whose chicken may be nutritious. But don't buy the spam, which according to Spamnation has been showing up in Mailboxes all over the world starting from May 05th.

From the photos on their website, the food looked quite tasty. Although when I clicked the enlarge button in my firefox browser nothing happened. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to see just how delicious the ribs really looked up close.

baby_back_ribs.jpg jumbo_thighs.jpg

According to their website, they have been building their brand since 1977. We found it Odd that after 21 years of Brand Building the company only managed to generate about $6,000 (six thousand dollars) in revenue for the year 2007. But hey maybe this company has a unique strategy where they can grow from here. For the full year of 2007, the company managed to rack up over 1.4 million losses.

And of course the company must believe their strategy 1,000%. We say this because although in 2007 they only did $6,000 in Revenue they spent at least $60,000 in activities to promote their stock. They paid firms such as Stock Egg, Inside Move, HotOTC, and StockHead fifteen thousand dollars a piece.

The recent spam just may be working because trading activity for may has been increasing, yet the overall trend of the stock has been down for quite some time now. And we do not expect a little bit of PennyStock Spam to change this. The stock hit a high above one dollar in September and has been dropping since then.

Recently the company released a letter to shareholders. In the letter they explain that they think the stock is dropping because they are trying to secure financing and talk about their operating and marketing plan. The letter and the alleged spam campaign happened at almost exactly the same time.


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