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Stock of China Health Management Corp. (CHNC.PK) Needs a Treatment

by Martinas B. May 14, 2008
china_health_mngmt.jpgSpam messages touting China Health Management (CHNC.PK) stock have been showing up in our inboxes quite recently. So I thought, why don't we dig deep to see what story lies behind China Health Management .

Okay, so China Health Management is a healthcare service provider in the People's Republic of China. Unfortunately for them, it has been labelled as a "pink-sheeter" for its lack of financial information. So I went onto the Press Releases section on the company's website to find what this company has been up to recently. I found a whole bunch of announcements. And guess what! None of them said anything about the company's money.

chnc_per.gifThe most recent press release dated May 8 said that China Health Management's Richland International Hospital has obtained the official acceptance status from the government, for its trademark application in the name "Richland International Hospital".

Indeed, good news for the company's board. But apparently it did not have any affect on investors, as the stock headed down despite such sanguine news!

China Health Management Corp. is a healthcare management company focused on the Operation and Management of hospitals in China. According to its website, the company's goal is to establish a leading position in the high-end medical market in Yunnan Province, China in three-five years and to secure a 40% market share of the private medical services industry. In the meantime don't get sick! And don't eat their spam as it might cause you an upset stomach!


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May 20, 2008, 03:50PM

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