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Does Quality Restaurant Ventures (QRVS.PK) Serve Spam?

by Martinas B. May 29, 2008
a_restaurant.jpgSpam messages touting Quality Restaurant Ventures (QRVS.PK) stock have been popping up in our email accounts recently. Is spam on their menu? Let's find out!

Quality Restaurant Ventures (QRVS.PK) is on a mission to establish a quality chain of restaurants in America. It focuses on franchising in order to expand rapidly. Earlier in May, the company announced plans to launch a new food brand, called Caffe Porta Via.

"We've made Caffe Porta Via very easy to own and operate," explained QRVS President Tim Murray. "Quality will provide brand licensing rights, an initial marketing package, food purchasing contacts and complete training for our licensees in exchange for the purchase of a license and a monthly licensing fee. We believe Caffe Porta Via will appeal to individuals who see this as an opportunity to get into a business of their own, which will provide a reasonable income without major operational and financial burdens."

Caffe Porta Via will be a stand alone kiosk. It will serve sandwiches, salads and snack foods, along with premium and specialty coffees. According to the plans, free-standing kiosks will be based in large commercial complexes and office buildings.

The first two Caffe Porta Via's kiosks are due to open this summer. The last time I checked Quality Restaurant Ventures' stock was trading at a price of $0.35.

The whole idea seems to be too optimistic. We already have Starbucks, Costa and others fighting for share market. And here is another clone of Starbucks preparing to launch soon.


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