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Fortune Market Media (FTMM.PK) Enjoys the Spam Ride

by Martinas B. Jun 9, 2008

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fortune_market_logo.jpgSpam messages touting Fortune Market Media (FTMM.PK) stock have been showing up. Is this the way the company promotes its business? Let’s investigate!

The company is labelled as a pink-sheeter. It means that Fortune Market Media, a diversified media and communications company, does not report its financial data to the regulators. Lately, the company has been releasing a bunch of press-releases. They are not really that interesting. I will mention one of them.

But first let's talk a little bit about the company itself. So, Fortune Market Media holds itself out as a specialist in media and communications. However, its website is far from perfect and it generates a very little amount of traffic.

ftmm_chart.gifFortune Market’s diverse streams of media include: Fortune Market Radio, Future Rhythm Media Group, print-publication, online and offline direct guerilla marketing and a web database with over five million active subscribers.

On May 20th, the company announced the launch of a new mix media campaign for eDoorways. eDoorways is developing a new lifestyle information/entertainment platform for the visually oriented Web surfing community and an online business-to-consumer marketplace.

The last time I checked, the company's stock was trading at a price of $0.20. Personally, I would stay away from putting money into this stock. There is great risk involved, especially now, as the spammers appear to control the stock price.


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Comments (4)

1. claudia
January 29, 2009, 09:13AM

Quotes Where do you know about these spammers from, Troy?

2. Troy
January 06, 2009, 10:19PM

Quotes I am very familiar with this company. Their media properties are far from profitable and are barely hanging on as the media market gets more competitive. They are relying heavily on trying to find new investors and stock sale money to stay afloat. Stay way away from this company unless you love the thrill of extreme capital risk.

3. Larry
June 09, 2008, 11:36AM

Quotes This company is excellent! They have a deep grasp on the media market and with advertising costs rising this will be the new generation in marketing. Microsoft has already paid billions to position themselves in this market.

4. F Thom
February 02, 2008, 04:24PM

Quotes I have an interview with him next week.

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