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Hunting the 'Spam Kings'

by Martinas B. July 25, 2008
spam_king.jpgThere are all kinds of kings. We could say that Google is our web king. McDonald's is our fast food king. But we also have Spam kings. And this a story of two spam kings, who sent all kinds of junk email.

On Tuesday one of them was jailed for four years, while another managed to escape from federal prison in Colorado.

Let's talk first about the one who will spent the next four years behind bars. Robert Soloway was an immoral spammer. But his days as a spammer ended up on Tuesday, after he pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud, e-mail fraud, and tax evasion back in March.

Investigators say, that Soloway was the main guy behind Newport Internet Marketing Corp. in Seattle, which offered "broadcast e-mail" services. Soloway, according to the government, sent tens of millions of spam e-mail messages advertising the services, using false and forged headers.

Meanwhile, another spam king is now enjoying his freedom. Edward Davidson, 35, escaped from a minimum security prison camp in Florence, Colorado.

Davidson, who was also regarded as the 'Spam King' by investigators, made a fortune of about $3.5 million by manipulating almost 20 different penny-stock companies on various spam campaigns. He pleaded guilty to tax evasion and falsifying e-mail headers and was jailed in April.


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1. Guest
July 26, 2008, 04:24AM

Quotes The story about Davidson gets an interesting twist:

"Convicted âňúSpam Kingâ Edward Davidson has been found dead together with his wife and three year old daughter, after escaping minimum security prison in Colorado on Sunday."

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