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EMCORE (NASDAQ: EMKR) Introduces First CPV Terrestrial Power System in China

by Justice Sirikah November 25, 2008

At a time when solar stocks are taking a beating on the bourse, prompted by the downward spiraling prices of fossil fuels, among other reasons, EMCORE Corporation (Nasdaq: EMKR) has searched for a new sphere of influence. The Solar Power entity, in conjunction with XinAo Group, has set up a pilot site in China’s emerging green tech market, for the first ever EMCORE concentrator photovoltaic system (CPV). XinAo Group is a revered clean energy integration solutions company in China.emcore_logo.png

  The deployed 50 kilowatt (kW) CPV system is power-driven by state-of-the-art, high-efficiency compound semiconductor-based multi-junction solar cells, operating with 500x concentration. It has since been installed as per the preliminary agreement, and is fully operational, without any unforeseen shortcomings.

  Meanwhile, the two entities are in the midst of negotiating for the construction of a commonly-owned plant in the same Asian country, to produce EMCORE satisfied and designed CPV systems. This is meant to serve EMCORE Corporation’s innovative coal gasification project and the Chinese open market.

  Also in the cards is EMCORE’s Generation III, a cost-effective next-generation system design, endowed with a module efficiency of approximately 30%. Capacity production of the enhanced design is scheduled to resume by mid-2009.
  With investors still wary of the solar sector in sympathy with the prevailing world’s trends, EMCORE shares stayed put on $1.36. The latest developments could, however, generate an upswing in the stock price.

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