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Stratton Holdings Inc (PINK:STHG) Being Set Up for a Spike

by Kaloyan Gadzhev June 2, 2011
The recent climb of Stratton Holdings Inc (PINK:STHG, STHG message board) is still hard to explain, but now it looks like someone is trying to go even higher.

3STHG_chart.pngYesterday STHG closed near the HOD at $0.005 for a 4.17% gain. The volume was approximately 104 million shares, keeping with the current high levels.

The stock appeared in a couple of newsletters yesterday after the close. The promotional campaigns are paid, albeit with small compensations - $1,000 and $2,500.

The STHG iHub message board is flooded with bold statements like "Gap & RUN!!!". There are also some that are a bit weird - "Going to be running like a guy who ate a dozen tacos!" Eating a dozen tacos is hardly conducive to running, but you get the point Beatles67 is trying to make.

Meanwhile, STHG has been silent. The latest financial report is from Apr. 13 and the latest PR dates way back to Jan. 11. The report in question is a bit sketchy. There are no notes to clarify the numbers and no indication of the kind of currency. Assuming it is U.S. Dollars, as of Dec. 31 STHG had:

  • $96,801 total assets
  • $161,600 total short-term liabilities
  • $346 sales revenue
  • $14,106 net loss

3STHG_logo.jpgWhether the promos and the optimistic post will manage to move the price up or not, it would still be expected of STHG to provide some more current information. On the other hand, this is the OTC and speculations are often enough.

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