Peter Hristov

ITonis Inc (PINK:ITNS) Makes an Attempt to Attract Market Attention

by Peter Hristov June 7, 2011

At this point, I would like to make a retrospection. Back in February this year, my research led me to the Nevada State website which showed the company had a new CEO, namely Mr. Henning Moelgaard. He turned out to be a doctor at a Danish university and the hype created about the notion of him turning ITNS into a serious research company pushed the stock up by more than 1000%.

However, later on the name of Mr. Cheung replaced Mr. Moelgaard as the CEO of ITNS, leaving those who followed the story of ITNS completely baffled. At this point, there is still no explanation about this strange plot around ITNS, and maybe it will remain a mystery.

Nevertheless, it seems that ITNS has turned the first page of its market biography and from now on time will show if it is a serious company, or yet another speculative pink sheets play.

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