Converted Organics Fertilizer - orders will be issued this Spring

by Lindsay February 12, 2009
A high demand calls for action, and (NASDAQ:COIN) Converted Organics Inc. has risen to the occasion. A demand for organic fertiliser has encouraged Converted Organics to provide consumers with their product. COIN has established a network of more than 150 food waste suppliers, including more than 10 waste haulers in the metro New York area, to provide regular deliveries of food waste to its Woodbridge, New Jersey manufacturing facility, where organic fertilizer production is underway to fill customer orders for the Spring 2009 growing season. Converted Organics food waste has facilitated production of organic fertilizer for the Spring growing season. COINlogo.png

The company uses propriety state-of-the-art microbiology, namely High Temperature Liquid Composting (HTLC) system. TLC processes the bio-degradable food waste products mentioned below into liquid and solid organic-based fertilizer for sale to the retail agricultural, professional turf and municipal markets.

Edward J. Gildea, President of Converted Organics elaborates, "The spectrum of the industries from which Converted Organics accepts food waste continues to grow at an impressive rate, and currently includes leaders in the produce, food service, pharmaceutical, restaurant, health service and consumer products sectors." Gildea further explains that the initial network of waste suppliers and ‘outstanding waste hauling partners' will ensure that an ongoing stream of high-quality, source-separated food waste, including beef stock, chicken processing material, flavourings from cream-based liquor, trim ends from salad and fruit platters, potatoes, cantaloupes and bananas. According to Converted Organics' stringent quality control standards, these products make the mark and enable the company to produce organic fertilizers, thus satisfying market demand for their products.

Waste suppliers and waste haulers will join the company network every week. Many of COIN's waste generators will also purchase Converted Organics fertilizer products to use at their facilities thus creating a sustainable solution to waste management. Mr. Gildea was quoted last year saying that COIN will use the funds raised to continue construction on a Woodbridge, New Jersey manufacturing facility to produce both solid and liquid organic fertilizer by the end of 2008 to fulfill the demand for 2009.



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