Jovita Baltrusaityte

CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) And XP Antivirus 2012 Making Money

by Jovita Baltrusaityte June 22, 2011

However, the company is doing well. According to the annual report, CA Technologies increased their profit a little bit, from $3,6 billion to $3,7 billion. At the same time, total current liabilities went up from $3,6 billion in 2010 to $3,9 billion in 2011. While CA Technologies is still able to cover its expenses, the long-term debt remains in the financial statements of the company.

All in all, although CA seems to be doing great business and expanding its forces, the creators of rogueware such as XP Antivirus 2012 seem to be making even more money from the unaware computer users. In case you have problems with this fake antivirus software, be sure to follow the removal instructions.

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