Violeta Slavtchevska

Focus Gold Corp. (OTC:FGLD) Could Stop Falling Today on a Promotion

by Violeta Slavtchevska June 22, 2011
Focus Gold Corp. (OTC:FGLD, FGLD message board) share price moved yesterday within the usual range in which the stock gas been trading in the last two months. Today, a brand new huge newsletters campaign for FGLD will hit the market, possibly making up for a new break out. FGLD.png

Yesterday FGLD was barely traded and closed the session at $0.44 with an 8.33% decline in the share price. Trading volume couldn't even reach half the daily average for the past 30 days, making the stock look even more illiquid than it normally is. Yet, stock promoters have often managed to improve both the value and the liquidity of low-priced stocks, and this might happen to FGLD in the coming session.

Late in the evening, our newsletters system detected a promotional e-mail on FGLD, promising "A Potential 100-to-1 Gain" (as implied from that particular gold mining stock) due to the "Super Bubble" in gold. The promoter received a $50,000 compensation for profiling the company in the newsletter, which might change the trading pattern of FGLD. The stock looks now more likely to fall down further today if it were not the promotion.

Focus Gold filed its annual report on Monday last week, which is also the latest news from the company. With a current market cap of over $25 million, without fundamental new information the stock doesn't seem to have much of upside potential, given that its market value is four times the book value of the tangible assets.Focus_Gold.jpg

FGLD has been a shell up to October last year when it acquired an option on 16 mining claims located in Ontario, Canada, known as the Watabeag Property and the Russell Creek Property, both without known reserves. Then, in December the company acquired an option on the Huicicila gold project in Nayarit, Mexico and expanded its holdings in that region by acquiring five adjacent gold and silver mining claims in February 2011.

Management expects the exploration in Mexico would lead to the detection of certain reserves in the next 12-24 months. Though, Focus Gold had cash and equivalents of around $400,000 as of end February 2011, thus it looks likely to need additional capital if intends to start exploration works.

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