Violeta Slavtchevska

Will Bioheart, Inc. (OTC:BHRT) Announce the Big News Today?

by Violeta Slavtchevska July 21, 2011
Yesterday the share price of Bioheart, Inc. (OTC:BHRT, BHRT message board) dropped to a new yearly bottom. The company filed an information statement with the SEC, while in the evening a stock promoter profiled BHRT in a promotional e-mail, announcing huge news about the company and promising a great trading day today.BHRT.png

BHRT closed the last trading session at $0.0675 with a further decline of the share price by 4.26% from the previous close. Yesterday's close is also the lowest share price for the stock for the past 52 weeks and it happened on the intensive trading during which 273,400 shares changed hands. Today, it looks like BHRT may get even more trading interest due to a promotional campaign for the stock.

Yesterday evening our database received an e-mail from a stock promoter claiming that Bioheart has achieved a milestone in its development: the promoter states that the company has received FDA approval for stage III trials of its stem cell therapy for the treatment of heart damage. Either the news is absolutely fresh, as there is yet no press release whatsoever to announce the big news, or the promoter is just using a trick to attract more buyers today.Bioheart.jpg

Total compensation received for the coverage amounted $20,000, but it is not known who paid it. The new session will show what the market's reaction would be, and if BHRT might gain some of the lost value back. A new SEC filing of the company was a possible reason for the sale off of the shares.

Bioheart filed with the SEC an Information Statement according to which the company intends to conduct the approved by the shareholders in January increase in the authorized capital. BHRT authorized number of shares of common stock is to be raised from 75,000,000 to 195,000,000 and the increase should be effected on or shortly after 20 days following the mailing of this Information Statement to the stockholders. However, the filing does not say when the statement has been mailed to the shareholders.

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