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Juhl Wind, Inc. (OTC:JUHL) Started Climbing Up

by Nelly Shishkova July 26, 2011
This week, Juhl Wind, Inc. (OTC:JUHL) started moving up. Yesterday, the stock soared 6.32% on the market and its trading JUHL_chart1.pngvolume rose up significantly. Considering the company's actions, the sudden move up was more than expected, being provoked by hot news and promotions.

Yesterday, Juhl Wind released an announcement stating it has recently signed a Letter of Intent with Zinc Air, Inc. for the installation of a 1 Megawatt advanced energy storage system developed by Zinc Air. The inspiring news has certainly supported JUHL stock price, though the agreement has not been finalized yet. In any case, the company ensured its market position by promotions worth $15.000 in total.

Again yesterday, the stock was promoted by some websites, which alerted that JUHL was climbing back to $1.50. However, what is clear so far is that the stock price points $1.01 per share and that's too far from the projected value yet. Nevertheless, it is interesting which way JUHL will take today, pushed up by the encouraging alerts.

Juhl Wind Inc. is focused on wind farm projects throughout the United States and Canada. Actually, the promotional strategy doesn't seem like a new approach to Juhl Wind. Historical records show that the company has used this strategy before rather successfully.

Juhl_Wind.jpgThe company's 10-Q report shows that its assets are higher than the liabilities, however, its accumulated deficit was over $15 million by March 31, this year.

The company received approximately $2.5 million in cash from equity funding proceeds relating to development fees for three of its completed wind farm development projects, and another $1 million from a project owner was obtained in the form of a loan. Though, JUHL should first cover the huge accumulated deficit and operating losses before claiming to be profitable.

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