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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: NSANY) Previews Forthcoming Electric Vehicle Attraction

by Justice Sirikah Jul 28, 2009

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nsany_image.pngJapan’s number three automaker, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:NSANY, NSANY message board) intends to mount a high-tech electric drive train system upon a hatchback sedan to be launched in 2010, and billed for parade on August 2, the same date that the automaker’s zero-emission website is scheduled to go live from its new headquarters in Yokohama. Powered by a 24-kiliwatt-hour lithium ion battery pack developed by Automotive Energy Supply Corporation, the working model of the new technology was on Monday demonstrated on the chassis of a Tiida mid-size sedan.

  The all-electric production vehicle is good to go over 160 km under a full charge enhanced by the regenerative brake system that was designed to recharge the battery on slowing down and braking.
Meanwhile, the car goes an extra mile beyond the advanced battery technology with a fitted EV-IT system which links its on-board transmitting unit with a global data centre for the convenience of drivers, Nissan declared. The state-of-the-art gadget can navigate set destinations and charging points within driving range.

  Drivers of the new Nissan electric vehicle can also look forward to the option of timing the activation of the air-conditioner and the battery charging process, as well as remotely controlling the entire functions using an internet-enabled computer or cell phone.

  In the meantime, the debate on whether electric vehicles will eventually outmanoeuvre the gasoline-electric hybrids in the environmentally friendly auto market is raging on. According to industry analysts, all-electric cars lag behind on driving range and they are more costly, mainly due to the lithium-ion batteries that they employ, compared to most hybrid cars which use cost-efficient nickel metal hydride batteries.

  Shares of Nissan were up 0.85 percent, trading at $13.10 in the afternoon on July 28.

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