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Trade Alerts Issued for N I S Holdings Corp (PINK:NISC)

by Peter Hristov August 9, 2011
6NISC_chart.pngYesterday N I S Holdings Corp (PINK:NISC, NISC message board) went through a more intensive session than usual, which was marked by weakness on the buying side.

NISC dropped nearly 12% to $0.03 on a volume of 768 thousand shares. The company's stock opened the session at $0.034, but eventually finished lower. Thus, the established resistance at $0.035 was solidified.

The bottom of the candle, however, was higher than the previous close, which was a reflection of the announced news by NISC during the day. The press release published on Marketwire via Comtex declared that Global Stock Investment Ltd. had made an all cash buyout offer to NISC.

However, once again the market seemed unwilling to get excited about the news. In fact, NISC announcements have been often facing market indifference.

1NISC_logo_.jpgAnother important issue about NISC is the upcoming promotion detected by Hotstocked. Yesterday evening, the Hot Otc group issued trade alerts hinting at a possible break out of NISC stock.

The truth, however, is that the promoter had received $12 thousand for this alert and it is not clear if it was this compensation, or objective reasoning, that stimulated Hot Otc to issue the positive alert. Nevertheless, if the promotion spreads around and reaches enough investors, it is possible that NISC generates more volume in the coming session.

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