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A $30k Beep for Searchlight Solutions Inc.(PINK:SLLN)

by Petar Ilievski August 9, 2011
814SLLN_logo.pngAll in all, this is what has been going on with Searchlight Solutions Inc.(PINK:SLLN) recently - a third party paying a promoter, a newsletter hitting mailboxes. Nothing more, nothing less. No press releases, no SEC filings, just a $30k alert. SLLN-09.08.11.png

It came out yesterday evening, which means if there would be any effect on the stock market, it would be visible today. It would be no surprise if the trading volume skyrockets. This is still a sub-penny level stock, though. Nevertheless, such that started the week with a 20% increase in the stock price on Monday and with 8 million shares exchanging hands.

Now, as mentioned, the last time to hear from Searchlight was back in July. In terms, the new promotion focuses on general information, as well as on some reasons why this might be the right pink sheet to get involved in. It is also hard to miss the red text in this alert, stating that: "since founding in 2004, Linux Labs has increased its revenue every single year!"

Linux Labs is part of Searchlight Scientific and it has some impressive client list on its website. On the other hand, it was acquired by a pink sheet (Searchlight Solutions), for which most people would have severe difficulties checking the financial performance since inception. Which leads to two questions:

  • 1. If Linux Labs is so successful, why being acquired by SLLN?
  • 2.Why are there no SEC filings of SLLN between 2005 and 2010?

Important questions that might be useful when determining the investment potential of this company's stock. The answers might lead  both to "stay away" and "get in right now" notions. It is yet to see what these answers are. There is, however, one other question that is not less important, not by far. The question about the motives for a third party for paying $30k for the promotion. What is the purpose? Awareness maybe? Maybe not. All these questions combined make up for a pretty uncertain picture. A pretty uncertain field. One where some might profit, but other might not be so lucky.

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