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Green Globe International Inc (PINK:GGII) Is Desperate to Move Up

by Nelly Shishkova August 11, 2011
Green Globe International Inc (PINK:GGII) has been stuck into the zero price changes since last month. While its traded GGII_chart.pngvolume reached shocking values, the stock price remained frozen at $0.0001 per share and nothing could pump it up. Most probably, that was the reason for Green Globe to act differently this time.

Yesterday, GGII was part of a promotional campaign held by, which spread out supportive alerts on the stock. The promotion cost $9.000 and obviously it was paid by Green Globe itself as there was no third party involved in the campaign. Whether the alerts will finally influence the stock price should be seen shortly.

Though, it is not only the promotions Green Globe relies on. Apart from the campaign, yesterday the company announced the Green Globe trademark registration in China, which is valid until December 2020. This news certainly makes the possibility for GGII to move up even bigger, especially when accompanied by promotions.

Green_Globe.jpgGreen Globe International Inc is the majority owner of Green Globe, Ltd. that owns an international brand for independent certification of travel, tourism and related green businesses. Unfortunately, the company's latest 10-Q doesn't inspire much confidence. As of 31 March, 2011 Green Globe has registered:

* $117,563 current assets
* $330,597 current liabilities
* $12,517,375 retained deficit
* $104,615 total revenues

Apart from these numbers, GGII has huge amount of long-term liabilities, as well as some other losses, which the company cannot cover. On 2 Aug, Green Globe released a newsletter related to their new Interim President's role in their business and the opportunity for project financing. However, nothing further was revealed.

In any case, ensuring additional funds won't be so easy for the team, especially when "issuances of additional equity securities by the company may result in dilution in the equity interests of its current stockholders".

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