Kaloyan Gadzhev

Grid Cloud Solutions Inc. (PINK:GRDC) Pumped Then Dumped?

by Kaloyan Gadzhev August 16, 2011
GRDC_chart.pngGrid Cloud Solutions Inc. (PINK:GRDC) almost tripled on Aug. 8. It gained some more value over the next two days, and yesterday it crashed back.

At the end of yesterday's session, GRDC closed down 25.93% at $0.02. The 8.2 million shares traded is an insane amount compared to the average 241 thousand. It seems this Monday was the culmination of someone's scheme.

The company did issue two press releases. One for 10 MW solar project submissions in Ontario, Canada, and one before that concerning a proposal GRDC made to the Municipality of Meaford, Ontario.

The disturbing part, other than the 25% crash, is that some people have reported receiving spam emails about GRDC in the days preceding yesterday. In his post, planner5, an iHub user has posted the email he has been sent. It uses the idea that oil will soon run out and directly says GRDC can turn $5 thousand into $25 thousand by Labor Day.

We have not received any emails concerning GRDC and cannot confirm the authenticity of the posted texts at this time. However, the company does have some suspicious habits, like publishing financial reports that have no notes explaining the numbers in them. If the reports are correct and accurate, the company has been making money, albeit nowhere near the scale mentioned in the solar project submissions press release.

GRDC_logo.jpgThe single beneficial owner of GRDC, according to the initial information published by the company, is Refined Resources Ltd. The company holds 67% of the issued and outstanding shares of GRDC. Whether yesterday's performance was a scheme or not, it was impressive and while investing in GRDC may be risky, the story could turn out to be interesting.

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1. Guest
October 25, 2011, 12:20AM

Symbol - GRDC
Price - .01
Target - .55+
Strong Buy!

Dear Traders,

It's time you heard the truth about our economy and our country. Your family, your future and your fortune depend on it. The end of America as we know it is upon us.

2. Guest
October 24, 2011, 08:25PM

Quotes I just received an email this morning (10/24/2011) recommending GRDC as a hot buy and that oil may soon run out. Sounds like another pump then dump is coming for this stock.

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