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Jammin Java Corp. (OTC:JAMN) Moves Up Again

by Nelly Shishkova August 18, 2011
After a number of variable price changes, Jammin Java Corp. (OTC:JAMN) is moving up again. The climb started a couple of JAMN_chart2.pngdays ago and yesterday the stock added the next 1.12% to its price.

Despite the fact that its traded volume decreased, JAMN continues to move up. However, what is more interesting is that no particular reason for the climb can be found yet.

The last news released by Jammin dates from Aug 11, when the company officially announced it has entered into a Trademark License Agreement with Marley Coffee, LLC. Along with the agreement news, JAMN reported some changes in its Board of Directors that were already approved.

Being announced, the news pumped up JAMN stock price a bit, however, it fell down again on the following day. Presently, there are no fresh announcements by Jammin and no one is familiar with its up-to-date projects.

Jammin_Java.jpgJammin Java Corp. is a development-stage company focused on providing premium roasted coffee on a wholesale level to the service, hospitality, office coffee service and big box store industries. About ten days ago, the stock price jumped up supported by promotions, though the climb was shortly broken. At the same time, as of April 30 the company's financials haven't changed:

* $27,955 revenue
* $181,051 net loss
* $179,723 current assets
* $109,686 current liabilities

Currently, Jammin relies on its new agreement, however, the company's losses are still uncovered.

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