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Quadrant 4 Systems Corp. (PINK:QFOR) Results Now Available

by Petar Ilievski August 19, 2011
QFOR-logo.jpgIt is no wonder that promoters had to step in for Quadrant 4 Systems Corp. (PINK:QFOR, QFOR message board). It is not every day that a company releases a 10-Q, supports it with a press release, and yet the volume of traded shares for the session goes up to 200. Which, in terms, could still be considered a success, having in mind all previous non-active trading sessions. QFOR-19.08.11.png

So, $0.25 per share when it closed yesterday. The same as the day before. The same as several days before. The difference - at least some shares changed hands. Yet, very low interest overall. But, after all, it is not very often that a person hears from the company.

The SEC filing in question, actually, does not include data that would exactly drive all investors away. It is rather a financial statement similar to that of many pink sheets out there. Covering the second quarter of the year, it includes the following:

  • $229k in cash;
  • $9 million in total current assets;
  • $15 million in total current liabilities;
  • $3.8 million in accumulated deficit;
  • $8.5 million in revenue;
  • $316k in net loss;

Several facts worth-mentioning here. Revenues have increased, compared to the same period last year. The total current assets actually form exclusively on the basis of accounts and unbilled receivables ($8.8 million). All in all, a picture of uncertainty. Whether there would be an increase in the trading activity today is yet to see.

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