Kaloyan Gadzhev

PTS, Inc. (PINK:PTSH) Manages to Push the Price Up

by Kaloyan Gadzhev August 22, 2011

Additionally, the company is continually being promoted. One of the latest promotions mentions $10 million in revenues for Navistar. This number is also found in the PRs on Monday and Tuesday. "Our revenues, in excess of $10 million USD..." - for some reason PTSH fails to mention what period of time those $10 million were generated in.

Releasing just shreds of information doesn't look all that reassuring. PTSH states again that it intends to return to the fully reporting status, and says Navistar has plans to grow and expand into new markets such as the Middle East and Asia.

PTSH_logo.gifFor now, the promotions and the PRs seem to be enough to keep PTSH's price in the current range. The deal is expected to be closed before the end of August. Hopefully, then there will be more complete information for shareholders and traders to look at.

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