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Cord Blood America Inc. (OTC:CBAI): From Dollars to Pennies

by Petar Ilievski August 30, 2011
3CBAI_logo.png2010 is surely not the year of Cord Blood America Inc. (OTC:CBAI, CBAI message board) and neither is 2011 so far. Many announcements, many press releases, SEC filings and countless opinions in major financial forums on the Internet. Yet, figures don`t lie. Especially when January 2010 enjoys a stock price of $1.90, while August 2011 endures one below $0.10 per share. CBAI-30.08.11.png

On the other hand, Cord Blood is already familiar with similar price levels since they were in place back in the end of 2009. Yesterday, however, the session closed at $0.08 per share, which is a new all-time low. A little over 260k shares traded, which led to the above result. The question is - what comes next?

It is also fair to mention that there has been positive news from the company coming out yesterday. News that came out in the morning, yet it failed to inspire traders for a positive end of the session. Now, several things are worth-mentioning when looking at Cord Blood as an investment opportunity. One is the steady decline in the last two years. Another is the occasional spikes, like the ones in Nov. 2010 and then in May this year. Spikes, which lead to a more than 100% increase in the share price in a matter of days. When the next one would be is a hard question, though.

The next thing to consider is the very nature of the industry CBAI operates in. Controversial opinions have their supporters all over the world. And last but not least, it is the financial statements of the company. Not the best out there, but certainty not the worst in the penny stock world. Amidst all that, the decline continues. Yet to see what the rest of the year would offer.

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