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Zamage Digital Art Imaging, Inc. (PINK:ZMGD) Is Ready to Gain

by Nelly Shishkova September 2, 2011
Zamage Digital Art Imaging, Inc. (PINK:ZMGD) has been moving down progressively over the past week. However, yesterday ZMGD_chart2.pngthe stock prize froze at $0.0008, while its traded volume exceeded 2 million shares. Looks like ZMGD is finally ready to climb.

In fact, Zamage has been preparing for the gain for a while already. Historical data shows that the stock has been featured in a number of alerts since last month, though its price kept falling down. However, after yesterday's promotion ZMGD stock price finally stood still before the next move.

Apart from the promotions, ZMGD was supported by some positive news by the company. The latest one came up just yesterday, when Zamage and Paraform Design valuated the contracts completed within the past 30 days. According to the announcement, they were worth over $100.000 in revenue, and were scheduled for production this month.

ZMGD_logo.jpgThe optimistic news, along with the promotional alerts may certainly pump up ZMGD stock price, though the result is yet to be seen. In any case, that's not the first time when Zamage uses this strategy to ensure this market position.

As recently reported on, last month the stock grabbed the climb on promotions and news again. However, it was shortly broken.

Unfortunately, the company is presently not filing any reports with the SEC and no one is familiar with its financial condition. The last annual report of Zamage dates from April this year, though it is not inspiring at all.

According to the report, the company has neither revenues, nor assets in its balance, while at the same time ZMGD has liabilities and expenses to cover. Also, its net profit and cash flows are negative values, which is really bothering for investors.

Apparently, the company has chosen to rely on promotions and news until it gets profitable.

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