Petar Ilievski

Hype Time for First Corp (OTC:FSTC) Again

by Petar Ilievski September 7, 2011

  • $0 cash at hand;
  • $100k in total current assets (cash held in escrow);
  • $209k in total current liabilities;
  • $538k in accumulated deficit;
  • $221k in net loss;
  • $0 in revenue;

Not exactly optimistic, not exactly the same as reading company announcements or promotional newsletters. No assets, besides some cash in escrow - this was back in the end of June. Given the above numbers, it is uncertain what the rest of the week would offer. One thing is certain - this stock is far more appealing to short-term speculative investors in its present state. When and if this could change is yet to see.

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