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Promotions for Zamage Digital Art Imaging, Inc. (PINK:ZMGD) Continue at Full Speed

by Nelly Shishkova September 21, 2011
Zamage Digital Art Imaging, Inc. (PINK:ZMGD) has been constantly promoted for months. After a campaign on Sept 18, ZMGD_chart3.pngyesterday the stock was promoted again and it price rose up by 16.67%.

Along with the price jump, the traded volume of ZMGD exceeded 9 million shares, which is quite intriguing for investors. In any case, the expensive promotions were not the only factor for pushing up ZMGD stock price.

Historical records show that the company has been regularly releasing positive announcements on its activities, which have definitely influenced the stock price. The latest ones came up during the past couple of days when Paraform Design (a subsidiary of ZMGD) reported a $150.000 deal with an educational institution. Further on, ZMGD issued a letter to its shareholders and today the announcements continue. This time for a new contract.

All these pieces of news may provoke traders attention even more today, though the result is yet to be seen.

However, despite the supportive news not much has changed for the company. As usual, it relies mostly on promotions to get the climb, which gets broken in a while.

ZMGD_logo.jpgAt the same time, ZMGD is not filing any reports with the SEC and no one is familiar with its current financial condition. The last annual report of Zamage dates from April this year, though it is not inspiring at all.

According to it, the company has neither revenues, nor assets in its balance, while at the same time ZMGD has liabilities and expenses to cover. Besides, its net profit and cash flows are negative values.

Looks like ZMGD will continue to pump up its stock price by news and promotions until its new achievements make it profitable.

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