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Jammin Java Corp. (OTC:JAMN) Is Back on Track

by Nelly Shishkova September 26, 2011
Jammin Java Corp. (OTC:JAMN) got back on track. After a serial loss over the past week, on Friday the stock added 13.73% to JAMN_chart4.pngits price and its traded volume increased. However, the strangest thing here is that no particular reason for the gain can be found yet.

Historical records show that Jammin has not released any news on its business lately, thus no one is familiar with its present activities. Though, what is known about JAMN is that this month the SEC has been conducting a non-public and confidential inquiry in order to determine whether Jammin and any party affiliated or unaffiliated with it, has violated the federal securities laws by participating in an unlawful "pump and dump" scheme to artificially inflate JAMN's stock price. True or not, it was immediately denied by Jammin, who blamed the promoters for this.

In any case, the most recent data on JAMN turns out to be its latest quarterly results, which the company filed a week ago. According to the 10-Q, as of July 31 this year Jammin had more assets than liabilities in its balance, though its accumulated deficit exceeded $1 million.

Jammin_Java.jpgThe company managed to generate some revenue, however, expenses were much higher as well as the net loss had substantially increased. Also, the financial report contains numerous risk factors that can influence the business of JAMN.

Still, Jammin anticipates using the funds received from Straight Path to meet its capital needs for the remainder of fiscal 2012 and to support its operations with any additional financing in future. However, a failure to obtain financing could have a substantially adverse effect on the company's business and financial results.

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1. e.brainy
December 02, 2011, 05:57AM

Quotes Wow, they are at the starting point they've been last December. I like coffee... If you are long on JAMN why the stock price rolled down almost at the bottom?

2. Guest
December 01, 2011, 11:31PM

Quotes I have been reading up on JAMN, this is a great company (a lot of potential). Even though the company is a start up they are putting their best foot forward, going to trade shows, setting up booths in large stores. The company was featured in the New York Times.... When I first heard about the company I felt it was a joke, reason being was an email I got about the stock. I do not like promoters, they tend to drive up the price and crash as soon as the money is made, this usually happens within a few week span.

All that said, JAMN is a buy in my book... I like rooting for the underdog, potential competitors would be JVA or GMCR. I am holding this stock for the long run..

Happy trading

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