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A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq:APWR) – Where to Now?

by Petar Ilievski September 27, 2011
APWR-logo.jpgThe 6K form is here finally - A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq:APWR, APWR message board) has already announced it a few days ago, now it is official - there is a new accountant in place. Could it be that things might come back to normal? apwr-27.09.11.png

Suspended from trading on Nasdaq, "Buyer Beware" labels on some websites, all in all, the last few months were not very promising for A-Power Energy. A disastrous development in terms of share price, and much uncertainty in place whether things could come back to normal.

Yet, as mentioned, there are reasons for hope. One of them - the announcement that there is a new accountant in place to help show some financial figures for 2010 and this year. Of course, having an accountant in place is just one step in the otherwise very long way to go before A-Power manages to restore reputation and sees its stock trading as regular.

In the meantime, it is also important to point that a hearing is scheduled for next month, although Nasdaq already did not grant the company an approval for shares to remain halted. All in all, there is much uncertainty in place, making it hard to the regular investor to establish a good idea of what is about to happen in the next weeks and months to come.

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