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Evermedia Group, Inc. (PINK:EVRM) - Stock Wakes up From the Winter Lethargy

by Ekaterina Zelenkova March 16, 2010
Evermedia_Group-_3_months_stock_price_chart.jpgEvermedia Group, Inc. (PINK:EVRM, EVRM message board) stock is making an attempt to awaken from its winter lethargy.

For almost three months the price of EVRM's shares has been trying to go up, but still is not able to reach its December levels of $0.022. After symbolic trading volume since the beginning of the year, on Friday, a good volume of shares was traded, at price of $0.012. What was the reason for this activity?

The company had no new announcement about events, which could be the reason for such activity.

The last available EVRM's financial reports are from the end of September 2009. Any comment on them seems to be irrelevant, since such information only has historical value.

It seems that we have to wait for the prospective results of the company this year, as promised by the management of EVRM. In a press release at the beginning of 2010 they stated: "The last year was a time devoted primarily to forging relationships, improving our capabilities and positioning ourselves to reap the optimal benefits of a growing venture. Now that we have successfully laid this foundation, 2010 will be a year dedicated to revenues."

Time will tell us whether this awakening will become a trend, and if so, how long it will continue.

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