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Another Attempt to Revive Searchlight Solutions Inc. (PINK:SLLN)

by Petar Ilievski September 28, 2011
9814SLLN_logo.pngZeros are lining up in the share price of Searchlight Solutions Inc. (PINK:SLLN, SLLN message board), have been doing so for quite some time and so far there is no telling whether a reverse is possible. Nevertheless, press releases continue to sparkle tensions and so do promotions. SLLN-28.09.11.png

Both of the above are in place this week. Both came out yesterday, and all are set to affect trading activity today. Actually, yesterday was not among the most inactive days for SLLN. More than 15 million shares exchanged hands during the session, which however, did not prove to be of much benefit to the share price which lost 20% of its value, the session closing at $0.0004 per share. Just another day of decline.

So, here is what we have for today. On one hand, there is the press release about the subsidiary of Searchlight launching a beta program for IaaS cloud computing platform. Could be a catalyst for a trading hype today, but it is far more likely that the promotions that came out would do that job. Three of them came out yesterday, costing a total of $55k. Not a number to go overlooked, especially given that SLLN is a pink sheet that does not offer sufficient financial information to interested parties. One example - the last quarterly statement to come out was for the first 3 months of 2011, followed by several long months of silence. Not that figures in it were exactly optimistic, but at least there was a source to look into.

Having in mind all the above, especially combined with the stock performance this year, it is still uncertainty that determines SLLN. While there might be opportunities for short-term profits for skilled speculative investors, there is also much risk involved.

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