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Promo After Promo for Searchlight Solutions Inc. (PINK:SLLN)

by Petar Ilievski October 6, 2011
5SLLN_logo.pngIt was not the most exciting session for Searchlight Solutions Inc.(PINK:SLLN, SLLN message board) yesterday. Not that there was nothing to focus additional attention to the stock. It is just that promotions tend to be most effective when they do not hit mailboxes every day. SLLN is a good example of that. SLLN-06.10.11.png

Absolutely no change in the share price - this was yesterday. In fact, the same applies for the whole week so far. A stock that is still stuck at $0.0003, despite the numerous promotions that have come out recently. Paid promotions, to be precise, paid newsletter that came on Wednesday, another one for today, as well.

Of course, it is not only promotions that drive the price up or down. In the case of Searchlight, however, there is a very important catalyst that is still missing - the balance sheet. The last one dates back to the first quarter of the year, which means 6 months have passed already and it is still not clear how the company is doing financially. Which, in terms, is obviously not very appealing to most investors. That is why, ever since the end of April, the stock has been in a free fall mode, despite all the positive news, promotions, rumours on the Internet etc. The actual result - a stock price close to $0.02 back then, a stock price of $0.0003 today. Whether a reverse of this negative trend is possible is yet to be seen.

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