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Golfgear Intl Inc. (PINK:GEAR) On the Verge of a New Name and Another Pump

by Martin Tsvetkov October 10, 2011
6GEAR_chart.pngNot long ago, Golfgear Intl Inc. (PINK:GEAR) announced it had expanded its business portfolio into the gold and silver mining industry. As it turned out, however, it appears to have completely departed from what used to be its core business, i.e golf equipment. Otherwise, it would not have decided to change its company name to GEAR International, Inc.

The latter was brought to light last Monday, shortly after third parties had just organized the latest paid promotional campaign in support of GEAR stock. Eventually, the campaign never met with success. On the contrary, GEAR stock slumped by 26%, closing at $0.10 per share. Although three positive sessions followed, GEAR has not been able to recover 100%.

Now, GEAR stock has been promoted again. This time, the investor awareness program costs $7,500 and does not rely on any new PRs. Rather, it leans upon GEAR's new business direction and the high-potential prospects which it generally offers. Indeed, the gold and silver mining industry can be very lucrative. Yet, success is never a guarantee. Neither is the exploration of mines that once contained fuel deposits.

GEAR_logo.gifConsidering that GEAR's promotional record shows some fairly controversial results, the outcome of the latest paid promotion seems rather unpredictable. Because, even though the company recently cancelled over 1 billion shares to increase shareholder value, its A/S still leaves a lot of room for dilution.

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