Kaloyan Gadzhev

MacroSolve, Inc. (PINK:MCVE) Got a Semi-Good Promotion

by Kaloyan Gadzhev October 13, 2011

There was another reason for the relatively strong session on Oct. 11. MCVE issued a press release which said the company had signed an agreement with Donald J. Trump Jr. The PR didn't say what that agreement was in details.

MCVE's operations aren't producing any exciting results. For the second quarter of 2011 the company reported net sales of approximately $220 thousand and a net loss of $722 thousand.

0mcve_logo.pngSince this would hardly attract any traders, the promoters are focusing on the potential gains for MCVE from the various patent infringement lawsuits the company has filed, or intends to file.

Perhaps, the third quarter report may bring some excitement, but for now MCVE seems to rely mostly on promotions.

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