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Busy Monday Coming for Quadrant 4 Systems Corp. (PINK:QFOR)?

by Petar Ilievski October 24, 2011
6QFOR-logo.jpgThere are some indications that a session of vivid trading activity might be at hand for Quadrant 4 Systems Corp. (PINK:QFOR, QFOR message board). There are catalysts presented that might inspire traders and focus additional attention to this stock. Yet, there is the possibility that Monday would be just another regular session for QFOR, and what is more - even if there is a hype on the stock market today, there is no telling what would be the particular effect on the stock price. QFOR-241011.png

A positive week has passed for Quadrant 4 on the stock market. A week, that started with $0.30 per share and ended with $0.35 per share. The last active trading day was Thursday when 30k shares exchanged hands. It was on the next day, however, that the announcement came out. The press releases about a strategic advisory team to expand IT-in-a-Box platform came out. A factor that might affect trading activity today. Not the only one though, because promoters had a busy day as well this Sunday.

It is only natural, of course, given that $8k should be paid for the newsletters that were sent yesterday. They are the second catalyst which could focus additional attention to QFOR and create a hype. Would it happen - maybe, maybe not. The more important question, however, is what the result would be once figures for the third quarters are revealed. The 10-Q with an end-date Sept 30th is due soon, and it would probably lead to increased activity from investors. It all depends on whether the balance sheet would be the same as the last quarter. It included the following:

  • $229k in cash;
  • $19.9 million in intangible assets;
  • $8.8 million in accounts and unbilled receivables;
  • $29 million in total assets;
  • $20.6 million in total liabilities;
  • $3.8 million in accumulated deficit;
  • $8.5 million in revenue;
  • $316k in net loss;

Not exactly inspiring, not too bad, either. In addition, not enough for sustainable growth for the stock price to take place. Whether the situation for this pink sheet would change is a question yet to find its answer.

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