Ekaterina Zelenkova

4 Kids Entertainment Inc. (OTC:KIDE) Stock Abandons NYSE With Down Thunder

by Ekaterina Zelenkova June 1, 2010
KIDE_price_chart.jpgOn Friday, 4 Kids Entertainment Inc. (OTC:KIDE) stock abandoned the NYSE with thunder. The former KDE stock poured additional 15.05% from its value.

KIDE closed the session at $0.73, like a classical traded under $1 stock.

The last volume traded of KDE shares was 352 K, exceeding seven times the average.

Since mid May, KDE stock notes a sharp decline.

The reason was the press release issued by NYSE announcing the commencement of suspension procedures with respect to the 4Kids Entertainment, Inc.'s common stock.


Due to unavailability of the company to maintain the average global market capitalization of not less than $15 million over a consecutive 30 trading day period, its shares were suspended from trading on the NYSE.

From today, the company's shares will be traded at the OTC market under the new symbol KIDE.

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