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Bogen Communications International, Inc. (PINK:BOGN) Is Short in Material Information

by Peter Hristov October 28, 2011
BOGN_chart.gifInvestors of Bogen Communications International, Inc. (PINK:BOGN, BOGN message board) will stumble upon a red warning sign if they go to the company's profile on the OTC Market.

OTC Markets Warn that BOGN may not be making material information publicly available. The websites explains that buying or selling this security as an affiliate, employee, insider or any person in possession of nonpublic material information about BOGN may constitute trading on the basis of material nonpublic information prohibited under Section 10b of the Securities Exchange act of 1934 and Rules 10b-5 and 10b-1 thereunder.

Most importantly, OTC Markets specifies that violators of these laws are subject to civil and criminal penalties.

BOGN_logo.jpgApart from this warning, BOGN is also a company which trades randomly on the market. The last quotes of BOGN show s that its average daily volume is 1600 shares and the last close of the stock is at $%3. In addition the quote shows that the 52-week range of BOGN is $4.75 - $1.8.

Anyway, it seems the facts about BOGN doesn't provide for the comfort of common investors.

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