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Promotional Trap for Post Media Inc (OTC:EMPM) Investors

by Peter Hristov November 8, 2011
EMPM_chart.pngEmpire Post Media Inc (OTC:EMPM, EMPM message board) has been promoted since yesterday. This may lure market speculators into the stock play. But before common investors decide to join the game, they must pay a closer look to the disclaimer of the promotional letters.

Specifically speaking, three promoters have spread around promotional letters of EMPM. Their names are Stock Hideout, Actual Gains and Penny Stock Rumors. The last two promoters are of specific interest in this case.

First and fore most, the latter two promoters have applied a disclaimer in picture format to their newsletters with very small font, which hinders the research of vital promotional info.

Nevertheless, hiding in the middle of the disclaimer is an information which reveals that employees, affiliates and or family members or friends of Actual Gains own positions in the promoted company "which were acquired prior to the publication of this announcement" and will buy or sell the stock at anytime without further notification.

EMPM_logo.jpgThe same was stated in the disclaimer of Penny Stock Rumors. However, unlike Actual gains, who state they did not receive any compensation, Penny Stock Rumors had received $3 thousand for the campaign.

Only the disclaimer of Stock Hideout was in proper format. It revealed that the promoter had received $5,000 from Blue Wave Advisors. Blue Wave Advisors, for their part, had received $30,000 from JD Venture Group LLC.

At the end of all these story, common investors should reconsider their strategy for EMPM given that it was stated by the promoters that there are related parties who plan to speculate with the stock in the near term.

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