Peter Hristov

American Liberty Petroleum (OTC:OREO) Gets Promoted

by Peter Hristov November 14, 2011
OREO_chart.gifAmerican Liberty Petroleum (OTC:OREO) has not been traded recently but after the stock promotion that is coming today things may change.

There is no guarantee for that, but casting a look at the details of the promotional campaign, it seems a serious effort has been invested to bring more awareness to the company.

On the first place, the campaign was ordered by one of the most active third parties on the penny stock market, viz. Winning Media. Second, at least $40,000 were invested in the campaign.

So far, three promotional newsletters were detected by our promotional system. They were issued by The Stock Psycho, Otc Journal and Club Penny Stocks.

OREO_logo.jpgThe letters were spread around between 11a.m and yesterday, so definitely the effect of the campaign is expected to unfold today.

Investors, which is a strong word in OREO's case since there haven't been any investors in the stock for months, will witness whether OREO will finally attract some attention to its forgotten stock.

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