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KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. (PINK:KMAG) Gets Promoted

by Peter Hristov November 15, 2011
KMAG_chart.pngKMA Global Solutions International, Inc. (PINK:KMAG, KMAG message board) has been featured in a promotional campaign yesterday after the end of the session.

The campaign
is led by Otc Equity and Elite Otc. However, the name of paying party behind the campaign was kept in secret. The promoter only mention that it was a non-affiliate third party.

Otc Equity specifies in the disclaimer that it expects to receive $10,000 for the advertisement of KAMG. Elite Otc also mentions that he was promised $10,000 for the services.

This leads to the conclusion that the two promoting parties are owned by one promotional group which was not revealed in the disclaimer.

Nevertheless, both promoters warn that the third party may have shares and may dump them on the market to the detriment of the stock price.

KMAG_logo.jpgYesterday. KMAG announced its latest innovation for its application equipment. That produced a volume and price surge on the market.

Specifically speaking, KAMG finished the session with a volume of more than 3.9 million shares and a price surge of 25%. KAMG reached $0.0125 in share price. The short volume was comprised of 960 thousand shares, or 25% of the whole volume.

Today, KAMG will have the promotion pressing on the market so the high trading activity is likely to be maintained in the coming session as well.

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