Ekaterina Zelenkova

Timely Renewable Energy Stock Promotion Rushes Pacific Blue Energy Corp (OTC:PBEC) Stock

by Ekaterina Zelenkova June 30, 2010

Reading about above mentioned PBEC obligations with Patriot Solar, Inc. immediately raises the question how the company with solve the funding problem?

PBEC_from_the_site.pngAt the and of this March, PBEC had total assets amounting 19.7 K. These total assets were cash positions only.

It is also questionable, whether the $500 K received from Northlake Equities Ltd. in May in exchange for 500,000 shares of company's common stock, will be enough to finance the grand sunshine projects.

It is difficult to say how long investors will appreciate PBEC stock price rise above the $1 barrier, since companies with similar activities and balance sheet numbers seem to be under evaluated.

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