Maria Maneva

My Freightworld Technologies, Inc. (PINK:MYFT) Pauses Undecidedly On Its Future Direction...

by Maria Maneva July 2, 2010

54logo.jpgMy Freightworld Technologies, Inc. (PINK:MYFT) paused yesterday, moving only 1.63% down after the over 50% rally in June.

We covered this stock at the end of May, pointing out some controversial moments around the company. But nevertheless, its fairly big earnings for a Pink Sheets player and the news for a 40% increase for the last quarter have been more convincing to investors.

Yesterday's heavy promotion, however, poses a substantial risk that the recent halt could actually be the top of the peak reached last month:

No matter how big the earnings posted in the last unaudited report and projection news about next quarter, the current promotion-repayment strategy for company is an almost sure indicator of a future sell-off...




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