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Stratton Holdings Inc (PINK:STHG) Continues the Massive Gain

by Nelly Shishkova November 22, 2011
Last week, Stratton Holdings Inc (PINK:STHG) hit a phenomenal gain. On Friday, the stock soared 100% and managed to STHG_chart.pngtrade over 85 million shares on the market.

Though, what is more important here is that this week the climb continued. Yesterday, STHG added another 12.50% to its price, while its traded volume exceeded 106 million shares for the day.

The reason for the massive trade must be only one - the latest news by Stratton. Yesterday, the company reported that on Nov 18, STHG was acquired by the CEO Cedric Atkinson, who was bringing with him a team comprised of more than 20 years senior level management experience. In relation to his new acquisition, Mr. Atkinson stated that there will be no reverse split in connection with the transaction and the shareholders will be kept informed with the company's activities.

The positive news certainly inspired traders and pumped up STHG stock price at once. But now it is interesting how long the up move will continue.

STHG_logo.jpgWhat is more important, however, is the question what will happen with Stratton in future. The company still keeps its "Buyer Beware" status on the OTC Markets website, which makes it not reliable enough for investors.

Apart from this fact, its latest annual report states that STHG is still in its development stage and due to market conditions there is the possibility of not being able to secure proper means of funding in the future for continued acquisitions.

In other words, presently the recent acquisition of Stratton remains its only hope for the future.

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