Ekaterina Zelenkova

Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:SHIP) Stock Gains On CEO's Input and Dilution News

by Ekaterina Zelenkova July 6, 2010

At the end of the week, impressed by Mr. Ploughman's motion, shorters also entered the market. During the first for this moth trading session of SHIP stock, only 11.36% of the total volume traded belonged to shorters.

SHIP_from_the_site1.pngThinking about the upcoming holidays and the SHIP stock price increase, on Friday shorters' presence rose up to 26.16%.

Last Thursday, SHIP announced its willingness to propose for a vote the increase in the aggregate number of shares of the company's authorized capital.

Currently, SHIP has authorized capital of two hundred and one million (201,000,000) shares.

At the end of July, during the Annual Meeting of Shareholders, investors will face the opportunity to vote for future dilution of the company's current shareholders. The proposal is to increase the authorized capital to five hundred and one million (501,000,000) shares.

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