Maria Maneva

Amico Games Corp. (OTC:AMCG) Confuses Investors More With Latest Press Release

by Maria Maneva July 7, 2010

2logo.pngEverybody, interested in Amico Games Corp. (OTC:AMCG, AMCG message board) knows that they are an ex-mining company which several months ago switched to the phone game business and judging by the last quarter report, quite sucessfully.

But the enthusiasm about the company didn't last too long. And the latest press release, which mentions them as "the largest US steel producer" seems to be doing more harm than good. Yesterday, they lost another 5% of their market value as a part of a few weeks long downward trend.

Here are more facts about the company which add up to the confusion:


As long as the company does not clear all the suspicions about the truthfullness of their product, sales, merger and actual activity, investor confidence may remain confused.

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1. Guest
July 08, 2010, 12:00AM

Quotes I don't think that was a press release by AMCG. I think Reuters was confused when they added that link to AMCG that simply should not have been there. They were refering to Amico Steel, which to the best of my knowledge is a different company. I've only spent 6 minutes researching this...but, unless you can show me otherwise, it was better spent that the time creating your video.

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