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Premier Beverage Group Corp. (PINK:PBGC) Gets the First Promotion

by Violeta Slavtchevska November 29, 2011
Premier Beverage Group Corp. (PINK:PBGC, PBGC message board) stock has only two trading sessions behind under the new name and ticker of the company, though its first promotion is already on the way and will hit the market today. The previous business of PBGC as DAM Holdings, Inc. has not been exactly a success, but who knows, this time things might get better. PBGC.png

PBGC closed the last trading session at $0.31 for a share, while the trading volume was the heaviest for the past at least six months. Intraday chart shows that the entire 100,000 share volume for the day was traded in only two transactions. Though the share price was falling down throughout the day, the new closing price is still 3.33% higher than on Friday.

Just a few hours ago, Premier Beverage Group Corp. issued two press releases to proclaim its new business which will consist of manufacturing and selling branded energy beverages. One was a letter to the shareholders of the company that promised long-term growth an profitability starting 2012 and going far beyond, the other one informed that PBGC has been featured in an "independent analyst research report".

About the same time, a promotional e-mail arrived in our database, which also on its part promises that PBGC could be huge, and ended up with a disclaimer saying the promoter received $50,000 from a third party for this advertising service.Premier_Beverage_Group.jpg

PBGC entered this new business at the end of October after a merger between OSO USA LLC ("OSO") and OSO Beverages Corp., whereby the latter was a wholly-owned subsidiary of DAM Holdings, Inc. OSO Beverages was the surviving entity, while the owners of OSO received 50,000,000 newly issued shares of the company in consideration for all their interests in OSO. Shortly after that, the company got its new name - Premier Beverage Group Corp.

The information about OSO is still scarce, though there are some facts about the former business of DAM Holdings in its SEC filings. The company was in the motorcycle manufacturing business, but had only accumulated huge losses an huge debts as a result of which at the end of October its wholly-owned subsidiary Delaware American Motors, Inc. was sold for a purchase price of $10.00 to the former director and CEO of DAM Holdings.

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