Maria Maneva

SwissINSO Holding, Inc. (OTC:SWHN) Remains Cool Despite Promotion

by Maria Maneva July 14, 2010

si_logo.jpgTwo more promoters were engaged to spread SwissInslo Holding, Inc (OTC:SWHN) awareness among investors yesterday. The company's advertising streak has been stretching out for the past few months, and although successful earlier, doesn't seem to have much of an effect lately.

Not only didn't their stock price increase, but it lost 5% yesterday. The loss isn't dramatic, but it shows that maybe it's time for a more decisive action by the company, as it's common that promotions usually have just a short term effect, if any.

Yet, as we did some research, substantial news from the company, not to mention real numbers, seem far-fetched considering their history and recent filings:

The good news is that the 100 million market valuation remains stable at the moment. But if the indebtedness combined with idleness stretches over time, it's going to evaporate sooner or later.

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