Kaloyan Gadzhev

Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (PINK:ABAT) Not Doing Too Well on The OTC Pink

by Kaloyan Gadzhev December 1, 2011

A letter form Zhiguo Fu, Chairman of ABAT, was published on Nov. 28. In the letter the Chairman maintains that ABAT is not at fault in the situation, and they were the victim of "a group of short sellers."

In the letter Mr. Fu also states that the NASDAQ "chose to abet this conduct." He claims that NASDAQ required "an extraordinary level of confirmation" from ABAT's banks.

2caveat-emptor.pngThere is still some chance Mr. Fu could be right, but at this point the market doesn't seem to buy the story. As already stated, however, it is not ready to have ABAT hit the bottom, either. The situation is still precarious and it's not clear how it will turn out eventually.

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