Ekaterina Zelenkova

Research Frontiers, Inc. (NASDAQ:REFR) Stock Presents Shorters' Frontiers

by Ekaterina Zelenkova July 15, 2010

REFR_price_chart.jpgThese days, Research Frontiers, Inc. (NASDAQ:REFR, REFR message board) stock was rushed by speculative interests.

Since the middle of June, when REFR stock became instantly a star, rising on new company's developments, up to date there are no further significant events.

Following the above mentioned developments, stock marketing letters like an echo disseminated stock alerts for REFR.

Explaining the demonstrated by REFR new benchmarks of performance, they assumed  recommendations to buy the stock.

Then, REFR shares noted their new 52-week high and days after that, together with the departuring stock alerts, slowly left the hot investors' arena.

As chart here shows, this Tuesday REFR stock came back in sight of investors. This time, due to the absence of news, the game entered shorters. During the trading session, the shorted volume was 85.18% of the total volume traded. This resulted in a 6.05% share price increase.

Yesterday, after harvesting the gains, the NASDAQ stock pulled up 1.74% in an average volume traded.

This time, the short volume was 58.36% of the total volume traded.

REFR_from_the_site.pngREFR is engaged in the development and marketing of technology and devices to control the flow of light. Such devices, often referred to as "light valves" or suspended particle devices (SPDs), use colloidal particles that are either incorporated within a liquid suspension or a film, which is usually enclosed between two sheets of glass or plastic having transparent, electrically conductive coatings on the facing surfaces thereof.

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